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We are a team of early childhood professionals who offer daycare solutions based on our professional and personal experiences and our attention to the needs of each child and family.


"Garden of Awakening-Le jardin d'éveil" is a French - English - Luxemburgish trilingual childcare centre. Many foreign languages are spoken in Luxembourg and we have decided to use the three most common to the area, encouraging children to develop an “ear” from an early age and to grow in a setting that resembles the society in which they live.   Our curriculum and modus operandi are based on the work of Maria Montessori and Emmi Pikler.


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needs and objectives


Our main objective is to welcome each child and help them integrate a group of similarly aged children through activities and verbalization.
Staff members help each child attain sufficient autonomy to best benefit and take pleasure in being part of a group.
The number of children in each group creates an intimate, trusting atmosphere.
What do children need?

  • Security

Each child should feel comfortable and confident in the company of all supervising adults as well as in the different workspaces (dormitories, activity rooms, dining area, garden, toilets). Shared spaces aside, each child also has more personal points of reference (their dormitory and personal bed, a comforter or stuffed toy from home...).

  • Individual recognition

Each child we welcome is unique.
Our staff members respect each child’s individuality and tailor their development and skills accordingly.
We rely on the participation of, and feedback from, parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for each child.

  • Socialization

Each child learns to live alongside other children and share key moments of the day (snacks, lunch, nappies).
The children participate in games and activities where they learn to respect others and communicate.

  • Autonomy

Each child should feel free to choose the friend he wants to play with or the game he wants to play, according to individual affinities and tastes.
We are uncompromising in both listening to the desires of each child and in guiding him/her towards a suitable game or activity.
Each child gradually learns to do it alone, becoming aware of individual possibilities and limits.

  • To express themselves

Children should be able to play and move freely around the space.
We aim to build on each child’s freedom of expression through creation of spaces such as the doll corner, the play dining area, the reading corner or the play-park for babies.
We also endeavor to give each child his/her bearing in time and space by watching the seasons change through daily outings, even in winter.


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