typical Day

6.30 am: Opening time / WELCOME
8.30/9.00 am: First activity
9.00/9.30am: Snack time (fruits)
9.30/10.30 am: Changing nappy session. Sitting on the mat for a vocabulary lesson, songs or stories. If the weather is fine out side games.

10.30/11.00 am: Second activity
11.00/11.30 am: Quiet time (story, listening music, lying on the mat…)
11.30 am: Lunch time


12.15/13.00 am: Changing nappy session, get ready for sleeping time. Children can have books or toys while their teacher changes the nappies
13.00/15.00 am: Sleeping time, children can sleep as much as they need, we never wake up a child who’s sleeping!
15.00/15.30 am: Changing nappy session
15.30/16.00 am: Free games half directed
16.00/16.30 am: Snack time
16.30 am until closing: free games, as much as possible children will enjoy outside games.

It’s the same timetable for all our creche, only opening jours change !